About the Website

Info about this website itself.

Name: Midnight Lullaby (Designs)
Formerly: Shaman Lair (2004-2005)
               Shadowed Lust (2005-2007)
               Serene Lair (2007-2009)
Webmaster: Keyluna
Original Creation Date: April 17th, 2004
Became Graphics Website: May 31st, 2005
                             URL: http://mentalsugar.net/graphics/

About the Owner

Tidbits about the idiot behind the portfolio.

Aliases: Keyluna Thornheart, Shallow Shadows
Gender: I'm a female. ♪
Birthday: July 9th, 199*
Web Design Experience: May, 2005
Interests: drawing, writing, web/graphic design, roleplay, cosplay, guitar, piano, sports, animals, Earth, space, Judo, figures, prop making, crafts, science, history, etc.

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