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I want to know about it all, I just want to know...

Domain & Hosting: The domain was bought on November 19th, 2009, so that I could have a new home on the internet for all my websites, ideas, etc. (In other words, this isn't my first domain name. DreamerSoul.Net is, registered on February 4th, 2006.) The story behind the title of MS.Net is simple. I spent a long time in 2008 trying to think of a cute and nifty new domain name, and had always been fond of something that could be made into the "Sweet Dreams Network." Reason being simply because I adore that saying as it always helped me sleep at night. I thought of things that related to dreams and sweet things, "mental sugar" being my fav. Not only was it cute, but it definitely suited the nickname of this new network.

Layout: This layout, featuring America (Alfred F. Jones) from Axis Powers Hetalia, is the 1st layout for MentalSugar.Net. Hetalia is a wonderful series that personifies countries as people. This layout is as strange as my layouts usually are. The lyrics on the top image are from Maru Kaite Chikyu, the ending theme of the anime, America's version. I tried to make it pretty yet simple, and easy on the eyes, so hopefully it's just that.
(-December 19th, 2009) This layout was edited on February 15th - 16th, 2010, for a different look than before.


+ Basic Facts
Nicknames: Keyluna, Shallow Shadows
Sex/Gender: I'm a female~♪
Birthday: July 9th
Type: Slender and athletic, standing at 5'2"
Race: Caucasian... and I'm pale.
Ethnicities: Italian, Greek, Irish, Scandinavian
Interests: Drawing, writing, web/graphic design, roleplay, cosplay, singing, guitar, piano, voice acting, soccer, baseball, shonen-ai, shojo-ai, redheads, figures, dōjinshi, English, Japanese, Italian, plushies, Egypt, prop making, sewing, crafts, science, history, tarot cards, YGO + baseball cards, etc.

+ Favorites
Foods: pasta, cereal, peppers, apples, soup
Colors: crimson red, regular red, orange, silver, black
Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, X-men, Spider-man
Games: Super Smash Bros., Soul Calibur, Mario Party
Sports: soccer/football, baseball, volleyball, track
Genres: angst, action/adventure, horror, humor, romance

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