The Exits

And so the journey ends... or does it?

Before you make your leave, why not check out some of the people I've exchanged links with? If you like this website, or perhaps you'd like to be a link exchange as well, please take one of the buttons or banners below and link back to here. Those interested in a link exchange must read the information below and leave a message on the home page. It is important to understand the info below before contacting me. Thanks!

Link Exchanges

Drift away... drift, drift, drift... ♥

Kali @ Okashii Collective Kammi @ Blue-Serenity Kae @ Anime Euphoria Sarah @ OhmydarlingORG Masao @ ShinshokuNET

Selena @ Sky-PetalsORG Hibird @ Cosmic-DareORG Moni @ ame-REVERIE Crystal @ Beloved-Kingdom Kibumie @ Aminuet

Want to be one? If you would like to link exchange with me, please visit the home page and ask! I'll get back to you ASAP. I only accept other website collectives, but my other websites, such as my graphics portfolio and art/writing site, are also open to link exchanges.